Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Sani Volleyball brainstorm.
Who?Coach,Mr.Gaffney,and TWP6.
What? Using the skills we have learned,Playing elimination Volleyball.
When? 12:10 to 12:50 so 40 minutes.
Why?  To learn how to do volleyball.
How? Sunny,not cloudy,good weather.

Exited,screaming,eliminating players,having fun   learning new skills,using different techniques,getting better at volleyball,learning from our mistakes.

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

The dances

Last week on Friday, the Te Waiua Pakiki Whaua (witch is 6,5 and 4) done 4 different dances. The first dance was with the girls. It was called How to Aiuli. Second dance was with boys. It was called Fa'ataupati. Third dance was with boys again. It was called sasa. The last dance was with boys again. It was called Taupo siva. 

The Giants Boy

The Giants Boy was about when this Giant boy started frowning black clouds then the Giant Boy stomped thunder and lighting then he shouted hail then he yelled a gale then he cried rain rain rain so the people went in there houses because it was stormy so the Giant Dad made him feel better.

the rage at school.

Today I raged at school. It all started with Francis teasing me when I threw the ball at the other ball. It was  in the tree and I missed when I threw the ball. So when he was teasing me, I was walking away. He was still following me and teasing me though. So I got a little bit angry but still I kept walking away. He was still following me and teasing me. So I got more angrier but I kept walking away. The third time he was following me and teasing me, I started chasing him. So when the school bell rang I was still angry. So when I was still angry, Ms Mafu came, then Ms Bell came. So after a while, Ms Mafu and Ms Bell left. When they left, Papa came to calm me down. So after Papa calmed me down I told him what happened. So after that I went back to class. So I told.Gaffney what happened and he said he would sort it out but he actually did not. Mr.Gaffeney only sorted Francis out.


In my class we have 3 subjects. The first one is R.E. It stands for Religious Education. We learn the Holy Spirit,Jesus,and God. The next subject is Maths. I do for Maths. The last subject is literacy. In other words reading and writing. We still do that. Not on paper on device.

One thousand currant buns was about when this guy named Mr.Bob wanted to make a huge enormous present for Ms May. So Mr.Bob made one thousand currant buns for Ms May. So when Mr.Bob was on his way, the gulls 

were flying to the currant buns so as the sheep so as the dogs and so as the bears and monkeys.

Dear Diary, today is the day where I will start a new year at Te Wairua Pakiki 6. So what I am focusing on is to improve my work and to not get sent to my papa's garage. So if I want to do those things I am gonna focus on my learning more. The more I focus on my work more the more I will improve the smarter I will get. So when the bell rings I will go to class. When we are doing R.E I will do R.E. When we are doing maths I will do maths. When we are doing statistics I will do statistics. When we are doing reading I will do reading. When we are doing spelling I will do spelling. When we are doing P.E I will do P.E. WHen we are going home I will go home.